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Estes Hydrogen Fuel Rocket

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Hydrogen Fuel Rocket

Stellar super hero Hydrogen Fuel Rocket . Among the list of key features is the unlimited launches so long as your kitchen faucet works. The toy dimensions are 16"H x 5.37"L x 16"W. It has a weight of 3.6 lbs. Brand new Hydrogen Fuel Rocket , add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.


MPN: EST 1876
UPS: 047776018761

Experience the thrill of watching a rocket blast off the launch pad, lift screaming in to the sky and float slowly back to earth. The kit includes 2 ready-to-fly rockets that come assembled and have helicopter wings that pop open for descent. Remote ignition button. Some assembly necessary. Adult supervision proposed for young children under 12 years. Hydrogen power offers unlimited rocket launches. This complete system sends rockets 200 feet up employing hydrogen fuel technology. Heavy-duty launch base features a launch-ready display — LEDs show fuel generation and launch-ready status. Its fuel generator makes clean-burning, environmentally safe, energy effective hydrogen fuel from ordinary tap water. Reaction chamber triggers the fuel for lift off.


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